I capture images - both moving and still - that inspire, transform and generally intrigue other humans.

I've been shooting since I was eleven. My mum bought me a pretty decent, albeit old and battered OM-2 for my birthday that year, and I shot through rolls of film quicker than she could get them developed.

After a successful military career that took me to some of the world’s most war-affected environments, I handed back my rifle and bought a better camera. It was only a matter of time before I found myself wanting to go back to those same war-affected environments, except now I'm shooting with a lens.

I'm passionate about developing avenues for change across a number of subjects, including human rights, equality, war crimes, abuse and violence, child slavery, and mental health. Sustainable change is only possible through education, so I use film - be it moving or still - as a platform to educate.

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