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         Biuged Laboratory Instruments (GuangZhou) Co., Ltd. has been focusing on developing and innovating high-quality and high-precision instruments for 55 years. We are the biggest and most professional manufacturer of testing instruments for paint, coating, ink and printing field in China. All our products are in according with ISO, ASTM, EN standards etc and get CE Certification. ,Free Porn Videos - 色喇叭-海量高清成人视频

          Originally founded in 1963, Biuged have grown to an internationally recognized company with many worldwide customers base which includes the worlds leading paint and coatings manufactures.Standard is one of the largest manufacturers of coatings and ink testing instruments in China.

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Introduction of Biuged
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Biuged Precise Instruments
(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd

Add:No.15, Fuzhong Road, Zhong
xin Town, Zengcheng district,
Guangzhou City. China



Biuged Laboratory Instruments
(Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd.

Add:RM.101, NO.3, Sicheng Rd.,
Gaotan Software Park, Tianhe District,



Biuged Precise Instruments
(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Add:No.6066, Huqingping Road.,
Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District,
Shanghai City, China.



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  Biuged Laboratory Instruments (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.